How to Pay via Banco De Oro Bank Transfer

You can join our subscription list by doing the following:

1. To access the pricing page, first navigate to the ROC.PH site and click the PRICING option located within the navigation bar.

2. After selecting the package plan you want to use, click the “Sign Up” button.

3. Click the “sign up” button after selecting the desired period, the team name, and the subscription quantity.

4. It is now visible in your cart after you click the sign-up button.

5. When you open your cart, you should now be able to see every item you’ve added and their details. If you are sure that you want to purchase the items in your cart, you may go to the checkout. Enter any coupon codes you may have and select “apply coupon.”

6. Fill out all needed fields, choose BDO as your preferred payment option, and agree to the terms and conditions. If you have already completed the required fields, click “Sign up”.

7. Your receipt is now displayed after your order has been fulfilled. Wait for getting the text or email asking for payment for your subscription.

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