How to Join as Affiliate?

Welcome to Affiliate Program! by joining, you can earn commissions for promoting our products and services to your audience.

To access the affiliate program, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to Affiliate Area. You can choose either way of the following to go to your Affiliate dashboard.
  1. Once you get to your Affiliate dashboard, click update your profile settings and fill out User setting for your referral notifications, Payout Statement data and Payout Billing data.

To access your Referrals:

  1. On the left-sidebar, click Affiliate URLs. You should see your Referral URL, share this to your audience to earn commissions.
  1. Locate Referrals on the left-sidebar, to view your various information about your referrals. You should see in list view once you already update your profile setting.

To get track of your Referral Activity, go back to dashboard and you should see your overall referrals, earning and recent referral activity.

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