Setting up WooCommerce

  1. Install WooCommerce in Your WordPress:
  1. Log in to your WordPress admin and go to dashboard.
  2. In WordPress dashboard, locate the sidebar on the left-hand side. Find “Plugins” option and then click on “Add New”.
  3. In the search bar, located at the top-right corner, type “WooCommerce” and press enter.
  4. Once the results appear, you should see the WooCommerce listed. Click “Install Now” next to it.
  5. After installation, “Install Now” button will change to “Activate”. Click on the Activate button.

2. WooCommerce Setup Wizard

  • After activation, WooCommerce will launch its setup wizard to guide you through the initial configuration process. Follow the prompts provided by the setup wizard to configure WooCommerce according to your preferences and business requirement.

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