How do I configure shipping rates?

To configure shipping rates, follow these steps:

Access Shipping setting

  1. Log in to your WordPress store and go to dashboard.
  2. On the left-sidebar, navigate to WooCommerce > Setting > Shipping

Enable Shipping Zones

  1. WooCommerce organize shipping setting into zones, which represent geographical regions where you you’ll ship your products.
  2. To configure shipping zones, click Shipping Zones > Add Zone (option to set up shipping zone if you haven’t done so).

Configure Shipping Methods

  1. Within each shipping zone, you can add shipping methods base on your needs.
  2. After entering details, click on Add Shipping Method. WooCommerce offers various shipping method such as flat rate, free shipping, pickup and more.
  1. To set up flat rate, select Flat rate > Continue button. Enter a name for the shipping method (e.g., Standard Shipping) and a cost per order or per item, then click Create.
  1. Optionally, you can add additional cost based on shipping classes, shipping destination or order totals. To set up, click Add shipping class costs.
  1. After configuring shipping rates for each shipping method, click Save changes button at the button of the shipping setting to apply the configured shipping rates to your WooCommerce.

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