Except as explicitly provided in this section, all payments to ROC.PH, including, but not limited to, setup fees and annual fees regardless of usage, are non-refundable.

2. Without waiving any of its other rights under the Agreements, ROC.PH offers to its Customers a one-time 30-day money-back guarantee (“30-Day Guarantee”) ONLY on fees for membership/subscription services, but NOT including any of the following fees: (a) Setup fees; (b) Fees for domain name registrations; (c) Fees charged for exceeding your allotted disk storage space or bandwidth; (d) SSL certificate fees; (e) Web design fees; (f) Web site marketing fees; (g) Any add-on services, features, software; and (h) Any other fees for services involving a third party. You may not transfer or assign the 30-Day Guarantee to any third party.

3. You are entitled to a maximum of one (1) 30-Day Guarantee. The 30-Day Guarantee applies only to your first order of membership/subscription services from ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services. Changes to your service, including, but not limited to, adding new services, removing services, or changing the type of hosting plan do NOT make you eligible for an additional 30-Day Guarantee. If you have ever previously obtained a refund under the 30-Day Guarantee, whether or not in relation to your existing account, your existing account will be canceled, but no money will be refunded to you.

4. The 30-Day Guarantee may be availed by the cancellation of account within thirty (30) days from the start of the Term, by sending a cancellation request email to billing@roc.ph. If you do not cancel your account within thirty (30) days of the beginning of your service, your right to the 30-Day Guarantee shall expire forever and may not be revived under any circumstances, without our prior express written approval.

5. You will not be eligible for the 30-Day Guarantee if you violate any of the provisions of the Agreements. You agree that you will not circumvent the restrictions on the 30-Day Guarantee described in this document, or attempt to circumvent those restrictions by any means, including, but not limited to, the following actions:

a. Creating multiple accounts, using the same customer name or different customer names;

b. Canceling your account for the sole purpose of obtaining a refund and then registering for a new account;

c. Organizing multiple business entities or using assumed business names for the purpose of circumventing these restrictions;

d. Knowingly providing false or misleading information when you register for your account; or

e. Requesting a refund under the 30-Day Guarantee at any time after you have already received a refund under that guarantee.