Acceleration Program for MSME Startup Deal subscribers

Starting this month January 2020, You probably receive an email reminder about the approaching renewal of your subscription on a package plan and sometimes separate email for your add-on services like domain, business email or SSL Security.

As part of our first year of subscribers, The platform begins to send automated reminders including invoice generation for your renewal. This specific automation reminder brings to light up to program subscribers because of the regular price indicated.

We understand how frustrating seeing our original price that is why we created an extension program which brings up to 90% discount. The program is called Digital Accelerator Program.

This will give two options:
a) Up to 90% before the subscription ends.
b) Up to 80% after the subscription ends.

To more information, Kindly visit the program page on this link:

1) Why I received a regular price for my renewal?
Answer: Not all our subscribers are under the program who are aware of. We advise you to contact us for manual input of your discount.

2) I am happy with the service. Can I still pay the regular price?
Answer: Of course! This will help another awaiting for approval 3 MSME, Nonprofit, Cooperative & Association and/or professional applicants to get our services under our Give Back programs.

2) I am not satisfied. Thinking more about your renewal offer under Acceleration Program
Answer: We are happy to serve you in our first year of the program. As our transparency, We know many issues are brought up and fixed, new services and improvements of our team. We are thankful to have you with us.
On the other hand, We’re sad to hear that you’re unhappy with our services. Contact us on how you feel and do our best to solve any issues.

3) Can we also automatic the discount under Acceleration Program?
Answer: As much as we wanted, The current system is not working for the program and not for access to everyone. You’re a lucky gem to have the offer from our partners.

4) Can I get the renewal in advance with this Acceleration Program discount?
Yes! Kindly contact us to assist the manual update of your subscription.

5) I have other questions. Where can I contact you?
You always contact us at the official numbers:
Phone: 046 538 75 90
Mobile: (0919) 8444311 / (0915) 1446843 / (0929) 483 6077 / (0905) 481 7151
Email: [email protected] (for existing clients) / [email protected] ( for general inquiries)

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