Happy New Year 2020: A huge thank you to our first 1,000 business client subscribers!

Happy New Year 2020! When we made the, shall we say, disruptive and challenging transition from traditional agency to digital platform in creating last September 2018 and launch it by last week of February 2019 , we had a pretty straightforward goal: If we could get to 1,000 subscribers within a year, we should be able to keep the operation viable. Short of that, we’d probably have to consider shutting down.

We gave ourselves 12 months to hit that milestone. You all got us there in 10 (ten) months.

It’s with the most sincere sense of gratitude that we get to announce today that with subscriptions 992 through 1,001 today, we’ve crossed the line.

So, what does that mean for the future of the ROC.PH?

  1. For existing subscribers, You will take early notification on our new added service for roadmap 2020 with a special gift.
  2. Improvements on our platform.
  3. Additional Customer Support experience for your business success.

For those new on this site, I would encourage you to visit our Services and Pricing to read and see how we can help digital transformation to your business.


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