ROC.PH offers some “Top Notch: A Must-Have Professional Skills” for Office Admin Students of PUP Taguig

General Trias Cavite: On July 22, 2022, Polytechnic University of the Philippines Taguig, invited ROC.PH to speak at their webinar for students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Office Administration entitled “Top Notch A Must-have Professional Skills”. It’s the third and final day of their webinar series. Mr. Ron Oliver Clarin, the CEO and founder of ROC.PH, discusses in-depth knowledge on his experiences giving public speeches and participating as a guest speaker at various institutions, companies, and organizations. One of the top startups in digital marketing is ROC.PH. It is well known for its high-quality services and consistently promotes an atmosphere that is favorable to the establishment, growth, and sustainability of MSMEs.

In a formal introductory remarks, Ms. Zharmane T. Abiera, the event head, quotes Norman Vincent’s “Nobody ever learned any talents, except through extensive, persistent, and thoughtful practice.” Additionally, Abiera honored and appreciated Mr. Ron Oliver Clarin as one of the reputable research speakers. The webinar’s hosts, Mr. Jayvee Sabbaluca and Ms. Mary Jane Pena, welcomed Mr. Clarin as their first guest speaker. Sir Ron is the founder and general manager of ROC.PH digital marketing services, a former work-at-home freelancer who serviced international clients, and a mentee awardee graduate of DTI GO Negosyo mentor me- Cavite Batch 1. A Presentation by Sir Ron has been shared afterwards entitled “Earn Your Place in the Workplace Top Notch: A Must Have Professional Skills.

The first section of his presentation described his humble beginnings, including how he started as a 17-year-old in 2007 to build a simple and direct website project called Joomla for a friend, and how, at the age of 18, he was hired as a web developer for Joomla website. It served as his first local freelancing job and his main source of income. Then, from 2009 to 2017, he was exposed to more advanced web development, virtual assistance, and data analytics experiences, which led him to be hired by international clients as a freelance VA professional when he had received the training necessary to start his own firm, that resulted in the creation of the ROC.PH platform.

He spoke about “My Work at Home Journey,” which began in 2013 as a manager of the Design and IT Data Department, and ROC.PH when it was founded in 2016. He also received recognition as the Mentee of Go Negosyo and the Mentor of DTI BEAMS. Fast forward to January 2022,  ROC.PH already has 1,500 client subscribers in the Philippines to whom it provides unlimited graphic design, online marketing, website, and virtual assistant team services for a fixed monthly fee. Local entrepreneurs make up more than 90% of ROC’s clientele, and the company’s mission is to assist Filipinos in operating their enterprises and providing services online.

The most recent speaking engagements, including academic and professional conferences, were also listed. up until this seminar for PUP Taguig, Mr. Ron Oliver Clarin had been called to speak at events and be a thesis guest at colleges such as the Cavite State University branches and other colleges, both private and public. Sir Ron was additionally invited to speak at a business conference by the Region IV | Regional office to promote the start-up idea. More recently, ROC.PH was recognized by the DTI and DICT Region IV as one of the successful startups in Calabarzon and Mimaropa two months prior.

Afterwards, Sir Ron talked on “What is Skill?”. It is an acquired capacity to carry out a task with predictable consequences. He separated the three types of skills into soft, hard, and hybrid skills. Hard refers to our quantifiable and teachable skills, Soft to our interpersonal or people skills, and Hybrid to the merging of our technical and non-technical skills. He described how a project manager, political journalist, and pharmacist had different soft and hard skills.

Mr. Clarin then discussed with the students a number of skill sets that future professionals should obtain, including: integrity, self-confidence, public speaking, open-mindedness, professionalism, leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, organization, flexibility, communication, self-motivation, problem-solving, and openness to learning. He discusses professional skills, which include self-motivation and problem-solving for the person who takes the initiative and works in an unpredictable environment. Emotional intelligence and organization on how we express our feelings, and the effectiveness of collaboration of teams. Leadership, works in a supervisory position, and Teamwork covers the effectiveness of collaboration of a group. He also mentioned people who are dedicated to their work and willing to learn new skills and information to indicate professionalism, openness, and flexibility.

Before Mr. Clarin concluded his presentation, he showed a video of how the ROC.PH Metaverse or Virtual office appears to its college interns who are sharing their impressions of the working environment, the challenges they overcame and achieved while working virtually, and expressing gratitude to the general manager and their colleagues while displaying their avatars roving around the metaverse office. The interns were from various universities, including Lyceum of the Philippines University, Southern Luzon University, Our Lady of Fatima University, Tarlac Agricultural University, University of Batangas, Cavite State University, Don Honorio Ventura State University, Centro Escolar University, Adamson University, San Beda University, and University of Negros Occidental Recoletos. It proves how open and diverse ROC.PH is to students who want to join the team and take on the challenge to work with them in the metaverse, no matter where they came from or what degree they are pursuing. In his presentation on this webinar, Sir Ron urges the PUP Taguig students to apply and visit the ROC.PH career website.

The office administration students are motivated by Mr. Clarin’s webinar presentation to develop their soft, hard, and hybrid skill sets in order to become successful professionals in the future. These abilities will assist them in developing a right mindset, perspective and prepare them for their ideal work path following graduation. Similar to Sir Ron, who never considered failure even though it was an essential phase in the process,  whereas what matters most are taking a risk, becoming a leader, and find the courage to succeed in one’s desired career.

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