E-commerce / Online Store and Blog /News website features are NOW INCLUDED on your Subscribed Package Plan!  These features are IMPORTANT for your success and can help you achieve your goals. To know how, please read below frequently asked questions.

What is E-commerce or Online Store features?
These features allow customer to directly buy goods or services on your website.  You can learn more about it on this link:

What is Blog or News features?
These features allow you to share your thoughts, opinions/reviews on a topic, post an articles and announcements.  You can learn more about it on this link:

I have a plan and want it, but how?
You can submit email our team at

I am new here. How can I subscribe?
You can visit our pricing page ( ) or contact us (

What will happen to my existing add-on?
If you are paying for these features, kindly contact our support team to assist you.

I need further explanation on these features. Please help.
You may contact our support team or book an online marketing consultation (

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