Independence Day is a special occasion to reflect on the history of our great nation!

The Philippines celebrates Independence Day today, commemorating the day in 1898 when the country first declared its independence from Spanish colonization.

As we celebrate today’s holiday, we also remember the sacrifices of our beloved Filipino heroes to fight for their ideals and the values that bind us together as a country.

Independence Day is about remembering the history of ourselves and our country. This holiday is always an opportunity to celebrate the heritage and the importance of who we are as Filipino and how we fight for our own freedom.

We have much to be proud of.

A writer based in Philadelphia has shared her experience in celebrating Independence Day.

“It’s not just a celebration of our culture. it’s a celebration of ourselves.”

The way we celebrate Independence Day shows us what kind of nation we are – and that’s why we make a big deal about it here at ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services.

Independence Day is a perfect opportunity to express your appreciation for being a Filipino. Dress up in the bright colors and parade around with your friends and family. It has so much fun, especially if you have siblings or children. You can show them what it’s like to be proud of where they come from!

It was a great day that showed how important it is to remember who we used to be so we know who we are today. For that, ROC.PH will not operate for this day, June 12, 2022, to commemorate this holiday. We will be back the next business day, June 13, 2022, Monday. See you!

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