Digital Transformation and Online Marketing Strategies for Retail

Retail trade in the Philippines has blossomed recently as known retailers in our country are small, home-based, food outlets, and unregistered retailers that employ staff. The lifeblood of Philippine retailing is the massive network of pop stores and small mom, popular as the humble “sari-sari” stores where the name comes from the Filipino term for variety (sari) that can’t replace what Filipinos have thought for some of their basic daily needs. Retailers like sari-sari stores offer lower-income consumers the ability for people to buy per piece or tingi instead of having to buy it in a dozen. Seemingly, prices are also more affordable than convenience stores as retailers are running their businesses in their own homes. 

Over the past years, entire countries have come under pandemic crisis, and consumers around the world start to shun human contact, retailers are struggling to adapt. It’s clear that retailers recognize the global response to the novel COVID-19 virus that will have a significant impact on their business. This shifting landscape made it vital for businesses across all industries to come up with adapting, reimagining, and delivering a seamless customer experience from physical to digital. While paradigm-shifting, it opens opportunities to think about a long-term application for new entrants and current players aiming to expand. 

Digital commerce pushed retailers to thrive, be efficient and improve customer experience. Just like how digital innovated, retailers needed to be more digitally agile than ever before. Retailers need to embrace technology as a lifetime companion that offers their customers options in terms of payment through online mobile banking and digital wallets. We use technology differently, and this is the right moment for a diverse set of solutions to reach different audiences with advantageous technologies.

Online Marketing Strategies for Retail

  • Establish In-Store Experience through Digital

– It’s an advantage when a business has this feature, as many shoppers prefer buying online where they can see actual visuals of products that they would buy. Retail brands need to start prioritizing cross-device targeting. 

  • Use Analytics & Cross-Device Targeting for a Unified Shopping Experience

You may catch a person’s attraction through your campaign on a mobile phone, browse your products online through their gadgets, and purchase from a laptop and have their orders delivered at home. However, others prefer to check out their orders from an app.

  • Convenient Online Payment Methods

– To go along with competitors, retailers need to have online payment methods that customers are always looking for today. It gives them easy access to pay online with no hassle of going out just to pay.

  • Use Retail Apps

– The capability of retail apps allows your customers to select the products they want, add them to their cart, choose a mode of payment, and pick up their orders in-store. It provides easy checkout and chats features to help retailer brands engage with their customer and quick response to queries.

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