NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC UPDATES: Beware Scammers impersonating ROC.PH

Attention to the Public!

ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services has received numerous inquiries from individuals in the Philippines and abroad regarding the validity of certain calls, emails, and messages (sent via text, social media private messenger, and email) in which scammers impersonate members, officers, and personnel of ROC.PH.

These scammers typically contact potential victims to offer part-time job positions that entail liking and subscribing to our videos on YouTube, with incentives promised for such actions, and payment of $180.00 for completing three tasks. They claim that potential earnings can reach up to $2,000 per day. We would like to clarify that these messages are not affiliated with ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services. Aside from our official phone number (+63 917 507 7590), the phone numbers used by the scammers are not company-owned and are not associated with any of our employees. ROC.PH does not engage in such activities, nor do we offer any part-time job positions for social media users to like or subscribe to our YouTube videos for payment. We do not require any membership fees or investments for any job opportunities.

Thus, ROC.PH officers and personnel will never contact the public to request payment or disclose bank account details. Any email or message purporting to be sent by ROC.PH or any officer or employee of the company should not be considered genuine or authorized by ROC.PH.

We caution the public to disregard any calls, emails, or messages (sent via text, social media messenger, and email) of this nature, as they are fraudulent. If you receive any communication claiming to be from ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services, we urge you to verify the sender’s employee ID number and cross-check it with our official contact information, which can be found on our website at We take the privacy and security of our customers and potential employees seriously and strongly advise exercising caution and verifying the authenticity of any communication claiming to be from our company.

ROC.PH also advises the public to report any fraudulent activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

If you have been victimized by scammers or have encountered or received fraudulent emails, messages, or information on scams similar to the aforementioned or related deceptive schemes where the perpetrator identifies themselves with ROC.PH Digital Marketing Services, please contact us at [email protected].

Note: The following announcement is an update and an expansion of the official company announcement posted on April 14, 2023, which can be found on the ROC.PH website at

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