New Feature: My Projects

Starting September 1, 2019, you may use the new feature “My Projects” at your account in Client Portal ( this feature will help you to navigate all your requests on Website Creation & Maintenance, Online Marketing and Graphic Design services including the ticket numbers, processes and deadlines. This will help you to navigate and monitor the improvements, follow-ups and completion of your past and ongoing requests. Plus, we can line up your upcoming request when we receive it accordingly. 

When you logged in at your account, you may simply click “My Project” menu button and choose the Project You had. 

The Service Number of your active subscription including the start and expiration date.

As said, You may see the following tasks, Ticket / Reference Number, Type of Request (Web, Marketing or Graphics), Requested Name, and the deadline.

Since this is an active customer portal, We decided to blur all the ticket numbers for their privacy.

Also, you may use the email ticket with the same reference number when sending additional information and other needed like pictures, etc. 

Currently, We are 80% completion of all the past, ongoing and upcoming task request imported to this feature. If we missed something, please inform us and we will do it accordingly.

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