My Home Isolation Journey

In the past weeks, my friends, acquaintances and clients annoys me online and offline and asking about my health status without knowing my case. Some of them called, send private messages and e-mail. However, I didn’t answer all of them because I can’t talk and move easily on my first week of home isolation or quarantine.
Yes, I undergo Home Isolation ( or others called it Home Quarantine). As per advised/recommended by my doctor after having an on and off asthma attack for two (2) months (January- February).
My Home Isolation gave me time to reflect, the days I can’t breathe easily, no voice at all and no appetite to eat, I realize how to value my family, friends, and myself.
Yesterday is the last day of my quarantine and I am feeling recovered from my asthma. Although sometimes I still feel the side effects of the medicines I took which I need another days or month to fully recover for me to do my regular routine.
I would like to thank all of my friends who check and send prayers, Lord God for extending my life journey and my Papa Ding for taking care of me. Also, the kids from our neighborhood who monitor me day and night and my Pharmacist friends who extend their duty and make sure I’m alright.
I feel sorry for my clients, partners and suppliers who have been sending me a lot of messages but I can’t accommodate it due to my condition and also followed the advised of my doctor to stay away from stress during the quarantine. This sudden situation made me feel sad and worry how to recover when I’m going back to work this coming month.
Starting next week, I will only try to accommodate 3-5 clients per week within 2-4 hours a day, Monday to Friday except for holidays and weekends. I hope my clients, partners and supplier will extend their consideration and understanding. Looking forward to serve you again and rest assure I will deliver your expectations.
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