Limited Support due to Lockdown

Due to a recent announcement from the government, We tried to work at our office to continue the workforce at our best effort.

Our Team’s commitment to serve our clients are continued despite of pandemic and being part of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). On the next day (Aug 5 2021), We received an update to move under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ).

The team work hard to keep on running the support we promised. Until we received a Facebook post announcement from our City Government last August 9 2021 5:04P.M, which the subdivision nearby and barangay where we located are under AREA OF SPECIAL CONCERN.

Due to this situation, Our Management decided to do limited support while we are transitioning our team to Work At Home arrangement starting today, August 11 2021 to August 16 2021. This limited support can accommodate Sales and minimal customer support. Please be remind that Our Digital Operations (Web Developer, Graphic Designers and task related) team are not working during this date.

The Management are working on strictly compliance with the safety, health protocols and Work at Home policies to protect your Project Tasks and other Confidential Information.

Our Work At Home Arrangement is expected to start on August 17 2021 with normal business hours (8am-5pm). However, We may have slight issues with Phone and Mobile. Our Mobile Provider is about to deliver their Postpaid Mobile Plans and tagged as urgent. We will be posting updates and our additional official numbers once it is ready.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. For the meantime, Last Night ( August 10, 2021). The issue was televised by TV Patrol. Here’s the direct video clip.

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