Let’s Welcome Our Support & Accounts Team

Since the last year 2019, All our clients met our Client Services Department. You always look and exchange communication with Accounts Team. 

Due to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) started and receiving a consistently high volume of tickets from January, We decided to form two (2) teams to support all your needs to prevent delays and assuring customer service happiness.

A) Accounts Team

You probably talked with this team for the longest time. We listen to your feedback and they will support the following:

  • Subscription Inquiry
  • Billing Concerns
  • Payment Posting / Follow-Ups
  • Addons services.
  • Endorse Client to Support Team for follow-ups and new service task requests.

You may send your inquiries to accounts@roc.ph or use one of our following support contact numbers.

B) Support Team

This is a brand new member of the team. They will do the customer service of all registered client subscribers. Here are some of the list covered.

  • New Service Task Ticket Assistance
  • Follow up Service Task Ticket
  • Arrange Online Marketing Consultation Appointment
  • Endorse Client to Accounts Team for addons or service subscription concerns.

You may send your inquiries to support@roc.ph or use one of our following support contact numbers.

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