Job Offers via Phone Call and Pretending to be an employee of our company

For the past 5 days, I have been receiving calls from an Indian voice claiming to be from the Philippines and working with ROC.PH. She is asking if I am interested in a work-at-home job. I asked her about the company, but she offered a different website that is not official and authorized by the company.

I inquired about their Manager, and she provided a different name, including the owner of the company. I am wondering how it is possible to replace me without any formal notice. I even informed the caller that she must be mistaken about the CEO, but she insisted on her information.

I will forward this matter to my team for a thorough investigation, and it may lead to authorities. To everyone, please ensure that you are communicating with the official website and social media channels and authorized personnel of our company. We do not offer jobs via SMS, email, or phone calls.

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