Introducing Online Request Forms

For a few months, I think 5-month servicing Filipino clients (since February 2019). ROC.PH pushing hard to succeed our goals and giving better website, online marketing consultation and graphic design services to startups, professionals, micro, small & medium enterprise businesses.

Communication with clients is one of the crucial experience to all we are doing at the office (or should I say at own’s room, Yes! We are a work-at-home team). We strive hard to get in touch and deliver results from the feedbacks. But, We want to be honest. Not all clients can accommodate calls from their phone and mobile and even their emails every day.

Until we listen to our client and put all their feedback, ideas, lengthy letter or even their rants. At a beta stage, We would like to introduce the Online Request Form which you can send request a website, maintenance support, online marketing consultation and graphic design services.

You can do it anytime and anywhere regardless of your devices: mobile, tablet, laptop and PC. Let me guide you on how easy was it.

1) Visit

2) Click “Submit Request” at the top section of the website.

3) Choose one of the Request Option you want to do.

4) On specific chosen service, Fill up the form and submit.

You will receive an email and someone from our team will check and response within the office schedule. If you need assistance or questions, don’t hesitate to call, email, or chat with us.

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