Graphic Design Strategy for Garden Accessories

Gardening tools include equipment used in gardening and agricultural. These tools are divided into two categories: hand tools and power tools. The growing popularity of vertical gardens in urban areas has been one of the biggest trends driving the garden equipment industry in recent years. These gardens are becoming increasingly popular due to their strong aesthetic value as well as their capacity to adapt to varying temperature conditions.

Gardening became an opportunity for family activity, with all members working toward a common goal. Moreover, planting has grown in popularity in the current situation because these are the only outdoor spaces that are safe for families to use during the pandemic. As the demand for flexible and ergonomically designed gardening tools rises, this rapidly growing interest in gardening activities might be a penetration to new heights. Whereas this COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive disruption across a large portion of the industrial landscape, gardening activities appear to have thrived to a large extent during this time. With a large portion of the population remaining at home due to social distancing protocols, there has been a massive increase in DIY (do-it-yourself) and gardening activities as people demand new ways to keep themselves occupied.

In line with this, it is a must for such businesses to establish and implement a graphic strategy in order to strive among competitors. Creative design is being used in different phases and contributes to the creation of high-quality contents. It may employ some design elements to achieve creative results. They are the ones who create the overall design and layout for advertisements, brochures, and other promotional materials. Text and images are used by graphic designers. In general, part of their job is to select the text, font, images, size, color, and length of headlines, and headings. Graphic design is a significant factor in sales revenue and marketing. Even graphic designers are also inclined to communication, they commonly work closely with people in advertising, brand promotion, public relations, and advertising strategy.

Logo design

It is the fundamental mark of brand image, the top visible symbol of brand image, and the foundation of a successful marketing strategy which allows to communicate with its target audience.

Visual elements of brand

While a logo will always be the primary focus, other elements such as icons and typography are also important.

Corporate brand style

Once the logo, color palette, and other visual elements are complete, it’s time to bring them all together into a cohesive corporate style.

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