Coronavirus (COVID-19): General Community Quarantine (GCQ) Update

Dear Clients & Partners,

Good Day! 

As of May 18, 2020, Today, We are allowed to operate and continue working under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) as effective through Resolution No. 37 of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID). Due to this pandemic and Taal Volcano eruption last January 2020. Our team has arisen anxious and I believe the clarity should exert place to build better rapport.

The team had the challenging year 2019 and very lucky to meet to onboard a huge number of clients on our platform. However, My team members began to ask requests to our management.

The team sees the developments. Unfortunately, We cannot underestimate catastrophe by Taal Volcano Eruption which generates our family and life at superiority.

We have a few pending tasks, small and big ones have been on hold on our assigned team members notwithstanding being a skeletal workforce.

We tried to bring back the energy to perform our duties and remain professional but most of my team members had unheard reservations. We tried to fix it but our startup is not as big ones. Still, We continue what we agreed.

We posted a quick blog post and use the skeletal workforce again. This time, The crisis scares everyone including our loved ones which most of them are doing work-at-home / remote arrangements.

Also, The company had zero collection but made some disbursement adjustments to help the team.

Regrettably, 80% of our team members are not doing as per agreed and the tasks left hanging which comes on my attention. Sadly, It switched to unknown or no response due to their family decision. The management believes it is beyond our control.

It became worsen when there is no single feedback on our communication protocols which makes me decide to do a one-man team. From answering a phone call, email and chat to doing the unfinished assigned tasks to make it partially done or complete.

For the meantime, I will be answering all inquiries and doing most of the tasks flagged as urgent or overdue. Others will be followed as the ticket received. I will do my best to escalate all tickets and give feedback to expect 50% of pending/overdue tasks will be resolve before the month ends.

Nevertheless, Our HR & Finance Manager Luis will be doing work at home with very limited schedules as same as other team members remain.

If you have a question, Feel free to contact us, email at [email protected] or simply call 09198444311 / 046 538 7590.

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