2022 Election Day

On the 9th of May 2022, the next president to stand for our country Philippines is set to be voted. Voters are encouraged to come on time and early as possible at 6AM. Cellular phones are not allowed to be used as a guide for your list of candidates, might as well write the names of your candidates on a paper. You are required to personally insert your ballot on the machine provided. Do not go over the number of senatorial slates as this will be considered as invalid in the whole category. Please be advised that taking photos of your ballot or receipt is not allowed, but taking a photo of your finger with indelible ink is sufficient enough as a proof of your participation in voting and right of suffrage. It is advisable to use a black ball pen or use what is provided on the precinct.

Do not forget to wear your face mask and bring alcohol with you for the safety of everyone amidst the pandemic we are still battling. Do not forget also to bring a valid ID. Please be reminded that the usual time of voting starts at 6AM and ends at 7PM.

Month of May 9 is declared to be a non-working holiday. Therefore, there will be no office operations at ROC.PH. Vote for the sake of our fellow Filipinos, vote wisely!

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