Since the era of the internet, online commerce has increased. Online shopping has, however, proven to be a life-saving alternative in recent years when everything is shut down and it is especially unsafe to go shopping. People are placing orders for their everyday necessities using apps and pages on the internet. Online buying has become increasingly necessary over time.

The design concept for Mami Ai online shop has two parts. There is the logo and there is the icon. The logo is the forefront and representation of this quirky online store. Mami Ai Online Shop’s services range from beauty products to sporting goods, clothing, and even military supplies.

The Logo for Mami Ai Online Shop retains the whimsical and quirky nature of the shop, especially with the way that Mami Ai herself engages with her clients on a friendly and lighthearted note. The icon represents e-commerce itself, with the price tag being the main element of its design. It embodies the e-commerce, online retail, and transactional aspect of this brand.

These two elements combined together in the design that ROC.PH has captured the concept that this store possesses.

The simplicity of online shopping is its main advantage. The growth of e-commerce has not only changed how customers shop, but it has also changed their expectations of how brands approach customer service, personalize communications and offer customers choices. The future of online shopping depends on knowledgeable professionals who can create personalized and engaging virtual shopping experiences for consumers. You may shop for whatever you desire online from the convenience of your home.

Online shopping will continue to increase in popularity. The ease of online buying is in high demand in the COVID-19 age. With all of the advantages and security of online purchasing, it’s no surprise that consumers are going to screens rather than brick-and-mortar establishments. Following that, we will present a rating of the popularity of online shopping items and services in the Philippines.

Even if you have a hectic schedule, you can easily work online shopping into it because they are open around the clock and available from any place with internet connectivity. On some occasions when you go to the mall, buying new clothes can be a hassle especially when you find out that the clothes in your size have been sold out. In online shopping, most of the time everything that’s good sells out incredibly fast, but not online. If you place an order, even if it is not in stock, it will be shipped as soon as it is in stock. Mami Ai Online Shop is open on a 24 Hr basis, as online stores possess that amount of availability. The red color of the price tag in ROC.PH’s design embodies action, energy, passion, and good fortune when it comes to building a booming business online. This is conceptualized by the design team of ROC. From the color of the icon to the logo itself, this is a design that boasts the representation and concept of the store and its products. ROC.PH is determined to curate an ideal design and branding for your store or company.