Work Immersion and College Internship Orientation

february, 2024


Meeting Rules

  1. Please sign up on the meeting webinar on or before 6am tomorrow to get a slot. Failure of attending this orientation will result of changing your enrolled program schedule.
  2. Be sure you are using Laptop / PC and working on your workstation.
  3. Meeting will be open by 7:30am and start at exactly 8:00am
  4. The Meeting room will be lock at 8am. After that, No one can enter the meeting room  


  • 8am – 8:30am – Orientation Presentation
  • 8:31am – 8:45am – Sharing from our Former K12 Work Immersion students and currently enrolled as our College Internship
  • 8:45am – 9am – Sharing of link in Virtual Office and End of Meeting Webinar. After the webinar ends, Attendee Participant will receive automated unique link for Orientation Completion Form. Enrolled Participants require to submit this form. Failure of submission will result change of your program schedule.
  • 9am – 10am  We are expecting all enrolled program participants are staying at the reception Area of Virtual Office. Also, This will be your Virtual Office Tour.
  • 10am- 12noon: Your First Virtual Office Meeting at the Event Hall.
  • 12noon – 1pm:  Lunch Time ( All Participants will be staying at Cafeteria or Gaming/ Leisure Area).
  • 1pm- 5pm: Continuation of Working within Virtual Office