We hope that you are happy with the initial draft of your website. Please note that this “mock-up” was produced to get your early input concerning the “look-and-feel” of the website. We do ask that you trust our years of web design experience to best balance the needs of clear navigation, reasonable download speeds, and online branding.

If you are content with the design and navigation tabs of your website, check the approval box at the bottom and click the submit button. Your submission of this form indicates that you are satisfied with overall design direction of your website. Once you submit approval, we will proceed to Stage 2: Website Technical and Development.

PLEASE NOTE: We will build your site out based on your approval of the “mock up.” It’s critical that you carefully review the site and the navigation. Once the site is built out, changes become more complex to make. Any significant “change orders” from the approved web design will need to be under Maintenance and Support but some cases incur additional charge and needs to do quotation.

You will have one final chance to review your site before it goes live.
TIMEFRAME: To keep the process moving as quickly as possible, we ask that you provide your approval as quickly as possible. If you approve today, you can expect to see your build approximately two business week upon receiving your website questionnaire and photos (If you’ve already sent them, then please ignore).

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You have maintenance and support but it may incur additional charges for any significant design changes requested after the web site pages are programmed. If you wish to request additional pages or menu items, we will be happy to provide a quote.