Frequently Asked Questions

Can Business Email forward to another account?

Yes! Take advantage of a professional domain while sticking to your preferred inbox by setting up email forwarding. It’s simple, convenient, and can easily be set up via your ROC.PH Email settings.

How do I access Business Email?

Business Email can be accessed from a variety of devices via Webmail. Access your inbox by signing into your account via this link. If that doesn’t work, try resetting your password.

Can I set up Business Email on Mac Mail?

Business Email can be retrieved from a variety of platforms, including Mac Mail, Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird

Can I use my domain?

Business Email can only be used with domain names that are in your ROC.PH account.

Does Business Email offer POP or IMAP server settings?

The platform supports both, so you can decide if you prefer POP or IMAP and customize your settings from there.

Am I billed yearly?

Business Email is billed Php 1,500 annually,