Food or Product Photography

  • 1 Professional Photographer
  • 1 Photographer Assistant
  • 1 food or product per item
  • 20 Shots per Item
  • 3 Edited Images
  • Full Lights Setup and Food Styling


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Do you accept rush service?

It depends on the current workload, availability of team, number of products and your project requirements. You may contact us. If possible, We offer additional7 days for 50%, 5 days 75%, 3 days for 100%. This is additional addon fee and computation percentage of the original price.

I have more than 250 products. Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, We accept bulk orders or over 250 or products.

What happen if I order now?

Once order is paid and processed, you will receive an email for the instruction.

Do you accept Jewelry products?

Yes, Jewerly can be very challenging and requires special attention to every small detail. Even different colored jewels need different lighting considerations. We charge additional Php 350 per photo.

Do you accept Clothing products?

Yes, Clothing for photography can take a considerable amount of time. We add Php 250 for each photo.

Do you accept Food products?

Yes, there is no additional charge.

Do you accept Food product with different variants?

Yes, We considered 1 variant as 1 product. If you have 5 variants with different packaging for 1 product, You must avail 5 products.

Needs clarification, Feel free to contact us!

Do you accept more than 10 inch product?

Yes and charge additional Php 500 per product/item.

Do you offer Hand Model?

Yes, We charge additional Php 800 addon fee per photo.

Do you offer on-site shoot?

Yes but as an addon. You may contact us for your project requirements..

Do you work for 1 item only?

We can do 1,10,50,100,250 and more items. Just place your order and we will do it accordingly.

Where can I send my products or items?

After your oder, you will receive an email including where do you send your items.

Can we use colored background?

Yes, We charge additional Php 200 per photo.

I have photo fo my items and needs to be edit. Should I purchase this service?

No, You need to purchase photo editing under Graphic Design services.

Do you offer reshoot?

After we provide watermarked raw files for your product, You can choose the 5 for editing. If you want to replace the raw files, You must advice us during this stage.

Do you return the product?

Ofcourse, if you wanted. You are require to answer this question on the email we sent after your order.

Do you offer Lifestyle or Models?

As of this time, We don’t offer this kind of addon services. However, We can help you if you needed.