INTRO: Virtual Team of Experts & Assistants

For the last few months, We do beta testing of these services to our invitation-only and pre-selected clients. This month, This new core service is ready to serve all of our subscribers.


Hundreds or Thousands of apps or website platforms that suit on your business but don’t have time to set-up, manage or work on it. Or, You need something for your website or project but don’t know which app or website platform to use. Let our Virtual Experts and Virtual Assistants do it for you.

What is Virtual Experts?

A team of experts who can work for you when you submit a request for certain tasks or platforms. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A dedicated team member who can work on you and your business for priority hours depends on your needs From 1 hour per day to a full-time basis.

How does it work?

For Virtual Expert:

You have a specific app or platform wanted or you already, You can email us or call our Support Team to create a task.

For Virtual Assistant

You have a specific task that you needed to perform by our team members. You can email us or call our Support Team to create a task.

For more information on how it works? Kindly visit

What Are the examples?

For Virtual Expert:

  • I want you to create a Shoppe seller account.
  • I want you to create Lazada store account.
  • I want you to set up Amazon Store.
  • I want you to analyze my Facebook Page.
  • I want you to make eBay Store strategies.

For Virtual Assistant:

  • I want you to add product on Lazada.
  • I want you to create a Facebook post on my page.
  • I want someone to create basic content for my product.
  • I want you to check orders on my Shoppe account.
  • I want you to answer chat inquiries.

For more Task example, Visit

What if I am not sure if the task is for Experts or Assistants?

You can request an Online Marketing Consultation via online ( ) or contact our Support Team to schedule and secure an appointment. Also, You can still send the task directly via email and we will forward it to the right person to work on your tasks.

Is it FREE?

Yes, The Virtual Team of Experts and Assistants are included on your plan.

Can I send unlimited tasks?

Yes, Send as many as you wanted.

How does the task work?

Once you send an email, Our system will create a task with a reference or ticket number. Or, You call our Support Team, We will create a task on your behalf. You may also visit for more information.

What is one hour task?

In every task you submitted, The Expert or Assistant will work on your task up to one hour only.

Is our Website, Online Marketing Consultation and Graphic Design tasks are also one hour task?

No, The Website, Online Marketing Consultation and Graphic Design are not one hour task.  

Where can I submit my task?

You can send it via email ( [email protected] ) or on Client Portal ( )

If I want to get a dedicated Virtual Assistant, Is this possible?

Yes, You can purchase Dedicated Virtual Assistant package addon from 1 hour per day to full time per week. Contact us for details.

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