Each Department looking for a student from the following courses

Digital Operations

Computer Engineering, Network & Security, Information Technology, Computer Science, Multimedia & Mass Communication.

Client Services

Any Business courses, Marketing and Management.


Accountancy, Finance, Business & Office Administration, Operations Management, Human Resources and Psychology.

How to Apply?

Apply Online

Submit Your Resume Online at https://careers.roc.ph

Pre Assessment

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help us to decide based on your pre assessment answers. Once Accepted, You will get an email from us within 2-3 business days.

Submit Requirements

Once email received, You are shortlisted and require you to submit requirements given. Act fast to get Program Invitation immediately.

Program Orientation

After we received your requirements and evaluated it, You will received an email and schedule for one day orientation and get started immediately on your work at home job internship.

College Internships

Our College & University partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! We offer online application process for applicants who have existing laptop or PC with stable internet connection.

College Internship at ROC.PH are open to 4th year college students. Experience and education comes in many forms, and we love when people create their own path. Just to be sure to read postings fully for applications requirement

Generally, we hire college interns every year with secured partnership with listed schools only. If your school is not listed, Please coordinate with your principal to contact us.

When you find an internship that gets you fired up, read the posting fully, note all requirements, and apply online through our Intern Careers page.

Team structure will vary, but all interns can expect to be welcomed by a team, and hit the ground running. You’ll be paired with a mentor who will show you around and help you grow, and you’ll work alongside full-time team member, on the projects they’re working on.

Yes, We offer home based college internship or OJT to 4th year college students who have recommendation letter from their school and allowed to do work at home position.

No way! We hire College students students for sales, marketing, and finance positions, to name a few. Our internship opportunities vary depending on business needs, so there’s no guarantee we will offer the same positions from one term to the next. Check the Intern Careers page often to see the most up to date openings.

Psych! We treat interns student trainees like full-time team members. You’ll work on real projects, with dedicated mentors, and have a real impact
on the work, our platform, and our culture.

Absolutely. We like our college interns competitively so they can focus on learning, growth, and building for the long term and be picked as part of the team.

Passion, curiosity, and authenticity. We love working with people who are passionate about their work and the problems they solve. We look for constant learners, who ask a lot of questions, and learn beyond what’s expected. We hire people who are genuine, and truly themselves in every situation.

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